5in×7in picture Price in Kathmandu

NPR 35 35

5in×7in picture Size फाेटाेहरूकाे लागी अाजै  weddingkathmandu@gmail.com मा मेल गरेर प्रिन्टगर्नकाे लागी अर्डर गर्नुहाेला

The advanced technology used in photo printing is silver halide, a 100-year-old darkroom technology that is considered light-sensitive.This technology, which uses chemistry based on paper and silver, is continuously refined over time. The technology that is becoming relevant to the modern digital age is the silver halide technology. There are currently around 300 color labs using this technology in Nepal, while there are only around 100 labs in Kathmandu. Silver Halide Photographic Prints are one of the most reliable and high-quality techniques for printing photos and preserving your indelible memories through them.

Fuji silver halide paper is not only durable, but also gives accurate tones, so experienced photographers prefer this technique and it is ideal for family portrait prints.We request you to wash your hair only with this technology that provides long-lasting, strong, bright, more vibrant colors, as well as clean white and dark colors.

Unlike some inkjet or toner-based prints, Fuji Silver Halide Feta Print is not only water-resistant, but also steam-proof and won't scratch due to the use of silver crystals. Wedding Kathmandu Pvt.Ltd is a trusted place for this technology.
Scratch and water resistant. Why? Like film, the process uses emulsion and silver crystals to embed your photo into the paper. There is no ink or toner used.