Photo book album 

A photo book album is an album created by artistically arranging the photos to create a book of images that tells a story on a single page. This is a colorful album of digital press prints. The picture has plastic lamination for long-term durability. In addition to being washed by water, this album can be wiped off with water.

Is a wholesale service available for photographers?

Wholesale service is available for photographers.Free design ​

फाेटाे बुक एलबम बनाउदा फाेटाेग्राफरहरूलाइ विशेष छुट हुनेछ । याे सेवा मात्र फाेटाेग्राफरले पाउनुहुनेछ । यसकाेलागी फाेटाेग्राफरले अाफ्नाे फाेटाेग्राफी कम्पनीकाे नाम वा संध संस्थाकाे कार्ड देखाए पुग्छ भने वहाहरूलाइ लाभ हाेस भन्नका लागी नयाँ याेजना समेत हामिले राखेका छाै । हाम्राे याेजनाहरू यस प्रकार छन ।

Photo book album Dhamaka of Wedding Kathmandu

1-छ महिनामा 1-20 वटा एलबम बनाउदा 35 प्रतिशत छुट 

2-छ महिनामा 20-50 वटा एलबम बनाउनेलाइ 40 प्रतिशत छुट 

3-छ महिना भित्र 50 वटा भन्दा माथी एलबम बनाउनेलाइ 50 प्रतिशत छुट