Best Wedding Photo/Video Package Package & Price

What is the price range for wedding videography and photography in Kathmandu?

For wedding photography and videography, the minimum one-day cost is between Rs 45,000 and Rs 65,000 or more. A photographer's experience, skill level, understanding of time, familiarity with the wedding ceremony, ability to snap pictures of guests and family at specific times, ability to contribute to the program, and other factors all affect how much a picture costs.

What is the cost of your package that includes wedding photography and videography for the bride and groom?

In case the marriage ceremony falls within the ceremony, then hiring a photo vodeo service at a minimum cost of Rs. 45,000 is suitable. Digital copies and hard disk copies are also available with this service. If it is a traditional wedding ceremony with all the rituals from morning to evening, then the great price is Rs 65,000 per day, which is very useful. Editing of short videos and full videos is also available Big photo frame, mala frame, photo book album, and Narmal photo album