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Gunyo Cholo is one of the most important rituals of Hindu culture where gunyo choli is given to the daughters with lot of joy and  happiness. Although this ritual is a part of the Hindu religion, the process of celebrating it is different in caste and place. This tradition is done before menstruation within 9 years of childbirth. This ritual, which is celebrated with joy by gathering all the relatives and neighbours, is of great religious and social significance for every family. Now, when this tradition is done,  there is a trend of capturing videos and photos with the intention that the next generation should also know about it. Every family is looking for a team of photographers who have knowledge about this culture. For this purpose  experienced photographers are always family's preference to shoot photos and videos . So, we are available to fulfill your needs regarding this beautiful ceremony named "Gunyo Cholo".


Gunyo Cholo Celebrating Video