Wedding Mala Frame

Mala Framing Service in Kathmandu, Nepal at Wedding Kathmandu .com

While you spend frugally during your special occasion such as Wedding or Bratabandha ceremony, a splendidly woven garland is likely a necessity. Framing the wedding Dubo Mala is like a tradition, which has grown over the last decade or so. To keep the meticulously designed mala protected, it needs to be kept in a frame that suits it best. You can find a whole lot of frames of all types like metal Aluminium frame, acrylic frame, contemporary frame, classical sculpted wood frame, glass frames and so on at Wedding Kathmandu .com. We provide an exclusive Dubo Mala Framing service in Nepal along with custom mala framing at the best price. Find us online for wide range of designs of Mala frames to keep your special wedding garland or garland of other occasions.

Single Dubo Mala Photo Frame

NPR 2,500 2,700

Polygon Shape Dubo Mala Photo Frame

NPR 4,500 4,500

Polygon Black Shape Dubo Mala Frame

NPR 3,000 3,200

Square Couple Dubo Golden Photo Frame

NPR 4,000 4,500

Square Polygon Dubo Mala Photo Frame

NPR 3,800 4,500

Narmal Dubo Mala Photo Frame

NPR 2,000 2,300

wedding dress frame selection

NPR 6,000 7,000