E-commerce accessible: Dubo Mala Framing Shop

DUBO has a special significance in religion. Without DUBO's mala, cultural customs like marriage, bartabandha, rice feeding ceremony and gunu-choli cannot be complete. That's why everyone decorates the garland of DUBO, which is a symbol of their tradition, in a frame. If you are wondering who frames DUBO's garlands online and makes them look attractive by making them green, then you have clicked to the right place. We remake your dried Dubo garlands green by coloring them .

How much does it cost to make a garland of DUBO mala frame ?
The price varies according to the size and quality of the frame. The child's garland costs only 1500 rupees because it is small in size. The cost can range from Rs 2000 to Rs 3500 if you wish to alter the frame and design.
The cost of the wedding garland of both bride and groom, starts from 2000 rupees to 6000 rupees.

Should the bride and groom's wedding gown, shoes, and other accessories be kept to create a frame?

It is good to make a frame by keeping the wedding clothes and shoes of the bride and groom, but if you frame these all in one, then it could be difficult to move that frame from one place to another  and also it can get damaged. If you have your own house and have sufficient and safe place to keep it you can think of this type of frame but it is advised not to spend money on such ideas. 

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