Nepali wedding photography: the dos and don'ts for cinematographers

Bikram Neupane

Tips for filming a wedding in Nepal

The passionate photographer and videographer, Bikram, has been crafting some of the best wedding videos for the past 26 years. His focus is on delivering excellence.

What do you try to capture in a wedding video?

I try to capture every detail of the program: rituals, venue, decorations, table setting, menu, people talking, smiling, and moments that are special to the bride and groom. One should be mindful not to overshoot. The small moments can help add an extra dimension to the album.

What kind of people do you find at a wedding?

Everyone wants to be captured at a wedding. The wedding photographer and videographer should have the capacity to recognise the core family members. The videographers must prioritise the rituals and activities being performed. The goal is to not lose our focus.

What is your style of making a wedding video?

I do not believe in a fixed style or aesthetic. I use the best angles to capture videos properly and meaningfully. I prefer a camera in motion to one fixed on a tripod.

How would you describe the usual course of a marriage ceremony?

It has some thrill, some responsibility, and the chance to interact with others in a different cultural context, much like an exam.

What are the challenges?

Congestion while shooting, along with inappropriate locations, dimly lit places, and unaware hosts Sometimes we encounter random guests who ask us to take their pictures; I try not to entertain them.

Dos and don’ts of a videographer


To be organised and have good sound check
To have good lighting
To plan the shoot with a backup option
To be ready and focus on work while refraining from unnecessary conversations.

Capture videos unnecessarily.
Never show your footage on the spot.
Drink alcohol or smoke publicly.

How early should you book a wedding videographer?

Book a videographer once the wedding date is finalised, at least a month in advance.

What guidance would you offer to a couple who are trying to find a wedding videographer?

It is advisable to review one's professionalism and portfolio. It's a good idea to compare their price to other competent videographers'. One can now review their work online.

What are your favourite locations to work?

Wide-open areas with natural light and a beautifully decorated venue are preferred.