50 Copy 4R Photo Print Price

50 Copy 4R Photo Print Price

NPR 750 1,000

Offer Price

50 Copy Photo Prints (4 X 6) Set Gift Photo Print 

  • Vivid Color Reproduction
  • Deeper Reds
  • Resist Fading for Generations
  • Clearer Yellows
  • More Natural Skin Tones
  • Lifelike Texture and Sharpness
  • More Brilliant Whites, Clear and Detailed Highlights
  • Prints that Stay Beautiful Over Time

Delivery timing: 1-2 days inside Kathmandu valley. 3-5 days outside KTM.

4×6: This is probably the size that you most commonly see in everyday life. It is natural for 35mm photography and the industry in general because the camera’s viewfinder is shaped exactly like that. If you look around, you will find the size used in everything from family pictures to pieces of art, photo albums falling in the list largely.
Fuji Frontier 350 Digital Minilab Machine Made In Japan