Live Stream Your Wedding

NPR 110,000 125,000

Facebook and YouTube Live Wedding Event Services

Our all-inclusive service is perfect for couples who want a professional videographer to broadcast their wedding online. Even if your wedding is in a remote location or outdoors, we have the best professional broadcasting tools available to stream from practically any venue.

Package Highlights:

Only For Bride Side

 Professional videographer onsite to record & stream your wedding
 HD footage available for download after the wedding
 Unlimited viewers
 Streaming to a private webpage we build OR your Facebook, YouTube 

1 Day Package

  • 3 Hr Coverage ( Barmala & Jagya Event)

  • 3 Set Video Camera/ Video Team

  • 2 Photographer

  • 1 Set Video Mixer

  • 1 Set Desktop

  • 1 Set Laptop

  • Live Streaming any Digital platform (Facebook,Youtube) As Same time Live Streaming

  • Full Video With Editting
  • Photobook Album 
  • 16x24-1 Photo Fream
  • Soft-copy of All Photographs