Graduation portrait photo Frame price

NPR 1,300 1,300

best photo and Frame size for graduation portraits 

  1. Frame Size: 10" x 14"      Rs  1300 With Photo
  2. Frame Size: 13" x 18"      Rs  1700 With Photo
  3. Frame Size: 15" x 18"      Rs  2000 With Photo
  4. Frame Size: 15" x 21"      Rs  2500 With Photo

The gown, cap, and scarf of Pokhara University are available free of charge in our studio.

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Advice for taking graduation pictures 

University graduation portraits are a cherished way to commemorate your academic achievement. Here are some essential tips to ensure your graduation portraits turn out beautifully:
Beyond the traditional formal poses, consider these unique ideas:
Looking back at the camera: Walk into the distance and then turn back to smile at the camera.
Sitting on steps or a bench: Capture your cool, calm, and collected vibe now that you’ve graduated.
Show off your diploma. Hold your dissertation, diploma, or certificate in front of the camera to emphasize your accomplishment.
Throwing the cap: classic and celebratory—no graduation photo is complete without it!
Throwing papers into the air: Symbolize the end of final exams by tossing your papers upward.
Holding balloons: Add a festive touch to mark this momentous occasion.
Throwing confetti: Infuse excitement and color into your photos.
Jumping for joy: Express your pride and happiness after completing your degree.
Posing with friends: Arrange yourselves in a staggered formation for harmonious group photos.
Background and lighting:
Backdrop: Ideally, use a backdrop that is at least six feet wide.
Lighting: Natural lighting during the golden hour (sunrise or sunset) works best. The warm and soft golden light enhances your portraits. If natural light isn’t feasible, ensure good artificial lighting.
Wear something that reflects your style and makes you feel confident.
Avoid shiny fabrics that may reflect the camera flash.
Remember, these portraits capture a significant milestone in your life. Enjoy the process and celebrate your achievement!